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Business Process Management and Administration

In it’s simplest terms a business process is a sequence of activities triggered by specific input that results in a known output. At Alcyum Solutions we analyse these activities in a structured way and provide a supporting platform for change in workflow applications. This allows for the following results: Better management visibility of your business, improving decision making Low cost of inputs, through de-skilling some tasks, reducing waste and introducing standardisation, increasing productivity Better outputs, benefiting from consistent quality, greater customer satisfaction To achieve this we will need to understand your business and we achieve this through, Mapping your business processes in support of your core activities, Identifying areas of waste within the business process Clearly defining existing roles and responsibilities within the process Establishing awareness of defined decision points Determine activity/decision making routes Create clear business rules to better aid understanding of task assignment Understand your Activity Monitoring analysing process execution data, conducting ongoing process improvement The results of this process will be seen in increased activity, greater customer satisfaction & experience and improved bottom line.
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